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Doctorant : Santiteerakul Salinee

moi christiane f 13 ans droguée et prostituée histoire This thesis aims to clarify a sustainability implementation into supply chain and to develop a tool for measuring sustainability performance in supply chain and improving the sustainability performance for electronic industry in Thailand. This research has divided into three phases ; the first phase is to clarify a sustainability measurement framework in supply chain. This framework allows decision makers identifying the sustainability measures based on their interesting area in sustainability criteria. After developing the conceptual framework for measuring sustainability performance, this thesis has proposed an approach to construct the performance measurement model. This work enhances the valuable of adopting the value chain model and the process based approach for constructing the sustainability measures model. In order to implementing the proposed conceptual framework and the model construction method in practical situation, this thesis has selected the supplier performance evaluation problem for measuring sustainability performance. The second phase of this work is the development of the tool for measuring sustainability performance by focusing on supplier evaluation problem. The measurement tool is developed based on a fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) approach. This thesis has proposed three FAHP methods by modified the extent analysis method (Method-I), modified the normalization approach (Method-II), and employed the weakest t-norm arithmetic (Method-III) for determining the fuzzy priority weight. These methods are easy to adopt in real-life problem in industry. The third phase of this thesis is an implementation of the proposed framework and proposed FAHP in the case study company in Thai electronics industry. The case study company aims to evaluate sustainability performance of their suppliers in order to manage and improve supplier’s performance. The sustainability performance measurement model consists of 10 indicators and 25 sustainability measures based on three dimensions (economic, environmental, and social). It is found that the importance weight of economic, environmental, and social dimension are 50.87%, 34.86%, and 15.14% respectively.